The Lucky Staff Takes On Overalls

"LOVE. One of my best fashion moments was being stopped by Gretchen Jones on the street and having her rave about my overalls. I got them on Etsy (the best place for vintage denim, in my opinion) and I wear them every single weekend. I talked about them when I interviewed for my job at Lucky! I had them on when I walked my dog this morning!" - Jayna Maleri, associate features editor

Senior Digital Projects Editor

There was a time when I wore overalls—by my own choice. I was in the sixth grade—and obviously, being the sixth grade, I was made fun of. The overalls were put to rest and never spoken of again. Fast-forward to 2012, when I'm sharing a workspace with Ray Siegel at Lucky. One summer, she picked up a pair of Proenza Schouler white linen overalls that completely bested any other overalls ever made. My faith in the workwear garment had been restored. Fast-forward a little more to 2013, when our executive digital editor, Verena, informed us all earlier this week that she was on the hunt for a pair of her own. "Where can I get overalls—today?" she asked us all. The tiniest mention of the garment sparked a debate within our team, which we then posed to the rest of our office—and once the government is back up and running, we'll probably take it to the Hill. In the meantime, click through above to see exactly what Lucky editors think of the polarizing overall.


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