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"I hate them! I don't think anyone over the age of six should wear either overalls or pigtails. Seeing a grown woman in either is the worst. If you're looking for comfort, a slouchy boyfriend jean should do just fine." - Julia Kalachnikoff, accessories director
"LOVE. One of my best fashion moments was being stopped by Gretchen Jones on the street and having her rave about my overalls. I got them on Etsy (the best place for vintage denim, in my opinion) and I wear them every single weekend. I talked about them when I interviewed for my job at Lucky! I had them on when I walked my dog this morning!" - Jayna Maleri, associate features editor
"If you are Kate Moss, a post-Vidal-Sassoon-haircut Mia Farrow, or an adorable under-20 waif-like pixie, then yes. Otherwise no, never." - Anne Keane, fashion director
"On the right girl, I think that overalls—despite their inherent '90s-ness—can look incredible. The trick is to pair them with some statement outerwear (like a classic camel coat or a super-structured neoprene one) or at least a few really crisp separates (a white button-down or breton-striped top). Personally, though, I'm more into the overall-inspired pinafore dresses (I know, SHOCKER!) that are all over the market right now. For fall, I'm really feeling a dark, midi-length version—it makes those double denim straps look more Mad Men than Marky Mark." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"I'm not an overalls fan. You know who wears overalls? My uncle, who is 65, living on a farm in Kansas. He also repairs tractors. Unless you live in some sort of field, leave the overalls at home. Try a long pant romper instead, it's just as easy and has way more class." - Lance Weiss, research editor and one of the dudes behind A Dude's Perspective