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From what to wear while lazing around the house to the ultimate errand-running ensemble, we're found an outfit for every weekend occasion. Click through to see and shop each one now.
The Brunch Outfit
Build your brunch look around a slouchy sweater dress: it's pretty and polished enough to impress everyone at the table, but still second helpings-friendly.
The Errand-Running Outfit
Coordinating accessories and a statement vest will pull together the most ho-hum jeans and pullover ensemble. After all, you never know who you're going to bump into in between restocking soy milk and that long overdue dry cleaning run!
The Boutique Browsing Outfit
Store hopping is way more tiring than it sounds, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. It makes all the difference once you've got some shopping bags to carry!
The Lounge-y Outfit
Why bother with real pants when you don't plan on leaving your house all day? Tapered sweats are just as cuteā€”and about 100 times more comfortable.
The Outdoorsy Outfit
Before heading on a walk through the park, pumpkin-picking expedition or football game, change into this first.