25 Red Dresses Guaranteed To Get You A Second Date

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When prepping for a first date, it's normal to want to reach for your tried-and-true little black dress—but according to new research shared by the Daily Mail, you might consider swapping that LBD for an LRD. Men are apparently most likely to form a lasting relationship with a woman who wears red on the first date. On the flip side, girls are most likely to go for guys who dress in grey for date number one—enter obligatory 50 Shades joke here.

The UK study polled 1,128 British females and 1,232 British males currently in relationships, 92 percent of whom remembered which hue their partner was wearing the first time they met. Surprisingly, 69 percent of men and 64 percent of women then admitted that the color their partner happened to wear during that fateful first date affected how attracted they were to them. Below, check out the stats:

Top Five Colors Worn By Women In Relationships On First Date:

1. Red (27 percent)
2. Blue (19 percent)
3. Green (14 percent)
4. Black (11 percent)
5. Purple (8 percent)

Top Five Colors Worn By Men In Relationships On First Date:

1. Grey (24 percent)
2. Black (22 percent)
3. Blue (16 percent)
4. Green (8 percent)
5. White (7 percent)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yellow and brown are the top colors to avoid during a first date, as they tend to turn guys off. And as for you men, try not to wear pink—you know, unless you're Brandon Flowers.

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