Rent The Runway Has Really Great Halloween Costumes

Kate Middleton

Digital Fashion Writer

The tragedy of those pop-up Halloween costume shops—besides, you know, their November 1 death sentence—is that everything in there's so cheap and disposable, and yet it's so sneakily expensive. You don't realize it until you get to the front of the always-too-long checkout line and hand over a tube of face paint, a plastic wand and a scratchy felt dress, and the register reads $67.84. But at that point, you're too exhausted to fight back.

This year, save yourself from that fate and rent your costume online instead—via Rent the Runway. The site famous for its overflowing inventory of designer cocktail dresses teamed up with Etsy to combine its gowns with pre-selected Etsy supplies that'll create costumes both timeless (the Statue of Liberty) and pop culture-y (pregnant Kim Kardashian). Prices for the rentals vary from $50 to $400, but with most hovering around $100-$150, they're not too exorbitant. You can wear the dress for real on one of the other days you have it (you know, just styled slightly differently), and when you're done with it, you don't even have to pay for dry cleaning. Plus, it'll save you from that infallibly hellish trip to the Halloween costume shop, and isn't that kind of priceless? We think it's a pretty smart arrangement, especially for costumes where a dress is crucial—like these ones above. Click though above to see them, then shop the full collection here.


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