The Ultimate Leather Jacket Playlist

Senior Digital Projects Editor

Before we go any further, you're going to have to admit that when you put on a leather jacket, you feel unstoppable. Something about the material and the history of BAMF men and women wearing them makes you feel alive—as if you own the world. You secretly think you're a slightly better dressed than anybody else out there and aren't afraid to act like it. Smiles from strangers don't make you think your fly is down as they normally would, but elicit a cool grin in their direction. Hearts melt before you, entire cities submit to your will and baristas give you an extra shot without asking. Yes, this is the world of a leather jacket wearer and it's a wonderful, wonderful place.

Now that we're all clear on that, there's one thing that can make your leather jacket a little bit better—the perfect playlist. So here they are, the most leather jacket-y songs I could think of. Queue them up on your iTunes and walk like the boss you are.

Editor's note: I added in "Hold On, We're Going Home" because it's the best song ever. At least right now.


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