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Viktor and Rolf, Fall 2010
Oh my god, it's the furnace from Home Alone. Get out of the basement. Get out of the basement!
Commes Des Garcons, Fall 2005
This collection wasn't meant to be spooky or scary, it was supposed to be optimistic. Every model wore a veil down the runway and walked to the tune of a booming organ. Overall, it was a celebration of marriage, but can definitely read a little more corpse bride than blushing bride.
Marc Jacobs, Fall 2012
Less creepy, more spooky. The massive hats, engulfing silhouettes and set made this show one to remember. We may not have been scared, but we were definitely intrigued by the mysterious figures that wandered about.
Louis Vuitton, Spring 2014
In his final show for the brand, Marc Jacobs presented a cast of his greatest hits. It was heavy on the black and deep on the mood. Along with the clothes, there were bits and pieces of his previous sets—all painted jet black to add to the drama. Definitely gave us some chills.
Marc Jacobs, Spring 2014
Marc Jacobs' most recent show was very frightening indeed. The set looked like the broken-down beaches of our nightmares and the models were draped in victorian gowns.
Thom Browne, Spring 2014
Inspired by mental hospital nurses, this was definitely the creepiest thing ever. Why so serious?
Ann Demeulemeester, Fall 2011
You can usually count on Ann Demeulemeester for a very dark, drapey and beautiful collection. However, Fall 2011 had a distinctly "double double toil and trouble" vibe, if you know what I mean.
Rick Owens, Spring 2011
The trademark Kloss staredown paired with sinister eyeshadow and Rick Owens' design sense will always scare the bejesus out of us.
Rodarte, Spring 2010
The Amazonian warrior girls of Rodarte are not to be trfiled with. Heavy body paint, piercing stares and a strange mist that went over the runway made sure nobody would think twice before crossing them.
Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall 2009 Haute Couture
Although not every look in this show made us shiver, a white in-the-face Karlie Kloss looked like a ghost coming to seek revenge on us for building a condo on their grave. Blame gentrification.
Alexander McQueen, Fall 2009

The over-the-top makeup, dark color palette and overall dour tone of this McQueen show haunted me for weeks.

Christian Lacroix, Fall 2008, Haute Couture
True story: When my grandfather saw this collection he said, "Do you work with these women? Those are some scary broads." I rest my case.
Thierry Mugler Spring 1997, Haute Couture
Try and tell me this woman is not a Deatheater.
The whole black lace and red rose vibe is making me think vampire. Crazy Dolce & Gabbana vampire. Also, fairly certain that choker necklace is the only thing keeping her head atop her neck. We all know that story.