Seven Fictitious Fashion Editors We'd Never Want To Work With

Maggie Prescott

Funny Face (1957)

As the lady in charge of a Quality magazine, Maggie isn't used to hearing the word no. If it makes for a better photoshoot, she'll do whatever it takes to secure the best set and model—even if it means invading a bookshop and giving its clerk a makeover. Poor Jo! She didn't stand a chance against this bullheaded woman's will.

Everett Collection

Digital Writer

While the Lucky masthead is free of conniving, backstabbing and bossy editors, there are plenty to be found in magazine-inspired movies and shows. Because I love to hate them (and would hate to work with them), I've rounded up seven of my all-time favorite on-screen fashion villains in the slideshow above. Click through for condescending control freaks and power-hungry ladder climbers who manage to steal every scene they're in.


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