Six Coatless Combos That Will Still Keep You Warm

You can go coatless through November! Click through to see how.

Digital Writer

My favorite part of autumn has got to be right now, that sweet spot smack in the middle when all traces of summer have gone and the weather is ripe for layering. It's a brief moment of sartorial freedom before the thermostat starts dropping below 32 degrees; the chance to mix sweaters and vests and cute statement jackets together without worrying how to cram it all under a puffer. The consistently chilly—but not too chilly—temperatures mean you finally get to show off all your new fall stuff in its best light: artfully piled together and overcoat-free.

The best way to take advantage of this last window for going sans coat is by trying one of the street style-inspired outerwear looks I've included in the slideshow above. Each one will be warm enough to keep you toasty on crisp October and November days, but without obscuring your awesome outfit under one giant top layer (although when it does get cold enough for that, I'd recommend one of these). Click through for six coat-free outerwear ideas now.


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