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The Felt Hat
Glamorous yet not too trendy, like something Sienna Miller would wear shopping.
The Studded Bag
Like a moto jacket or a cool pair of ankle boots, it'll add a bit of swagger to even the most basic outfit.
The Ear Muffs
To Blair Waldorf-ify your look.
The Patterned Socks
Make like a dapper Italian gentlemen and leave a slip of these peeking out between your loafers and skinny jeans.
The Fur Shawl
Makes any coat look fannnncy.
The Textured Clutch
Carry this and your memorable party outfit is instantly taken care of–girls will be cooing over it and asking to pick it up all night.
The Wool Cap
Adds a shot of street style star awesomeness to everything, even an old sweater and jeans.
The Sweater-Topping Collar
Toss it over your crewneck sweaters to infuse them with some Miu Miu charm.
The Gorgeous Glove
If you can't splurge on a $1,000 coat or a $500 sweaterdress, you might still be able to spring for these gloves, which can fit into so many outfits and make them look a thousand times more luxe.
The Printed Tights
Give that standby black cocktail dress new life, no expensive jewelry purchase needed.
The Tweedy Bag
How to nail the '50s secretary vibe without getting too Mad Men costume-y.
The Pom Pom Scarf
Even in a sea of patterned scarves, this one still stands out.
The Pastel Glove
Instant polish.
The Neon Beanie
Doesn't matter what your'e wearing neck down; a bright beanie like this is all you need to signal your membership in the Cool Kid club.
The Fur Bag
Wear all black basics with it and you'll still turn heads thanks to that texture.
The Cowl Scarf
It's not about the color or the pattern. With this scarf, the statement's in the volume.
The Fall-y Belt
Just what a chunky fisherman sweater and corduroys need to take them to the next level: a stylized outfit, not just a cozy one.
The Plaid Scarf
Weaves some British rock band bite into your ankle boots and black jeans.