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No fall wardrobe's complete without the following five types of turtlenecks. Click through to shop each style now.
The Classic Turtleneck
Distressed denim, pencil skirts, bell-shaped minis—there's not much this basic sweater won't match. Even better: while it works well as a standalone top, it's thin enough to layer, too.
The Mock Turtleneck
Because it provides a little more breathing room around the collar, this style is perfect for women who don't like the feeling of tight fabric on their necks. Just remember to pay close attention to the fabric and fit, though. Loose, textured shapes will feel ladylike and elegant, tight and smooth ones more sporty.
The Cowl Turtleneck
Along with mock collar styles, this is another good turtleneck option for otherwise anti-turtleneck ladies. Wear it under a blazer or jacket that has a plunging front to show off the extra folds of fabric.
The Textured Turtleneck
Everyone need at least one of these in their arsenal to throw on with skinny jeans and boots when they're running late. But on mornings when there's more time, try mixing it with a pencil skirt and kitten heels—if the proportions are right, it makes for a Jenna Lyons-worthy look.
The Layering Turtleneck
Need to transition a summer dress into fall? Or make your favorite cable knit pullover a little warmer?  This style will do it without adding bulk.