Fresh Fall Outfit Ideas For Every Outdoorsy Occasion

Apple Picking

Look, if you want the good apples, you're going to have to shimmy up a few trees. Come prepared with slouchy jeans you can climb in, but nothing so baggy it'll get caught on tree branches. A lightweight anorak is good to have on hand as well, especially if you're picking in the early morning or evening.

Digital Writer

One of the few things that dampers the fun of an outdoorsy autumn activity? Doing it in the wrong outfit. Arriving in something too dressy is the worst-case scenario, since you'll have to play defense against dust and mud, but it's pretty bad to be stuck in sloppy paint clothes, too. Nothing ruins an Instagram feed's ambience faster than uninspired style.

Too many or not enough layers are also common pitfalls, dooming you to a day of either a) goose pimples or b) awkwardly carrying a bulky coat around a farm. Because remember, most fall adventures happen on farms—or at least somewhere remote, which is why running home to get changed isn't an option. No, you've got to nail your look the first time around to really enjoy yourself, which is why I'm making it easy for you with my tips in the slideshow above. Click through to find a foolproof ensemble for any harvest-themed festivity you might have planned. (Bonus: all of my picks work for pie-eating, too.)


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