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Picking fresh produce this weekend? Sampling it at a local fair? Throwing it at spooky boogiemen during a haunted hayride? I've got you covered—click through to find the perfect outfit for your autumn adventure now.
Apple Picking
Look, if you want the good apples, you're going to have to shimmy up a few trees. Come prepared with slouchy jeans you can climb in, but nothing so baggy it'll get caught on tree branches. A lightweight anorak is good to have on hand as well, especially if you're picking in the early morning or evening.
Pumpkin Pick-Up
If you've been on the fence regarding the overalls trend of late, there's no better time to try it than on pumpkin-picking day! The bib front is perfect for protecting your shirt from dirt as you haul your gourd from the patch to the car to the kitchen; additionally, it works like an apron as you scoop seeds. (Of course, should you start feeling protective of your boilersuit at this point—because isn't it so cute!—you can wear an actual apron as well.)
Haunted Hayriding
Everyone knows that ghosts, banshees and witches prefer the dark, so odds are you'll probably be doing this at night. A beanie, thick sweater and puffer vest should be enough to keep you warm, but you don't have to tell your neighbor that. It's good to have a built-in excuse when you grab their arm and squeeze tight.
Fall Festival Fun
Finally! Here's a chance to wear cute new fall stuff that doesn't necessarily work for mucking around an orchard. Even still, you want to keep it comfortable and casual, since you'll be walking around outside all day.