15 Examples Of Why Menswear Sweaters Are The Best

Click through to check out 15 cozy menswear sweaters on which you won't be able to help but wear your heart on their sleeves.

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Let it be known now there are actually many legitimate reasons why I love my boyfriend. For the case of this story, however, the front-runner is definitely his taste in sweaters. He has a delicious assortment of merino wool v-necks and cashmere button-ups into which I delve ceaselessly as soon as the first leaf turns orange in the fall. While I've tried to simply buy up a size of womenswear sweaters to mimic that slouchy, cozy quality, his knitwear still remains unparalleled.

Sound familiar? There's an explanation for this phenomenon, and it is simply that menswear sweaters are exceptionally more comfortable. That's not to say our versions aren't stylish (because they are), but only that if you're looking for a sweater sweater, it's an unspoken rule to go for the male model.

Click through to see 15 exceptional styles of the mensweater sweater, and be prepared to add them to your holiday wish list—every single one.

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