Introducing: The Best Dressed Stars From The 2013 American Music Awards!

Music, film, TV and fashion's most stylish came out to celebrate the 2013 American Music Awards, and they looked damn good doing it. Click through to peek the ladies of which we can't wait to see much more as awards season continues!

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Digital Fashion News Writer

While the American Music Awards are often regarded as the melodic, overlooked middle child of awards season, that certainly doesn't mean the evening doesn't produce its fair share of zeitgeisty moments and trend-setting red carpet looks.

Case in point: Beyoncé performed a live rendition of her "Single Ladies" music video for the first time in 2008, while Britney Spears belted a surprisingly raw version "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" in 2002. See? There's great stuff from the AMAs to file into your Most Memorable Awards Show Moments folder, after all.

This year's festivities featured killer performances and, of course, equally impressive red carpet looks. Click through to peep the ladies we deemed best dressed at the 2013 AMAs—including a very classy Miley Cyrus, the likes of which we haven't seen in, well, a long time. (Oh, and she has eyebrows again. That was pretty weird for a while.)

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