30 Perfect November Outfits

Whether you need a heavy coat or just a jean jacket to brave the temperatures outside, we've got you covered for November outfit inspiration. Click through for 30 perfect November outfits, one for every day of the month. (And their currently available, shoppable counterparts, of course.)

Digital Fashion Writer

November's got a lot of variables to it. It's annoying. While a month like July is the same basically everywhere—hot—November weather's not so uniform. It might demand you break out a zillion layers, gloves, scarves and a proper winter coat, or it might just ask you to swap your tank tops for longsleeves. It might even prompt you to do both in the span of the same month, depending on where you live. (In New York City, it's supposed to be 71 degrees at the start of the month and 48 degrees three days later. What the what?!)

Then there's Thanksgiving. Maybe you celebrate it, maybe you don't, but if you do, you know it can pack a sartorial headache along with that food coma. Like figuring out something comfortable but not sloppy to wear while traveling for the long weekend, or dressing appropriately for a Thanksgiving meal with your friend's or boyfriend's parents (or even your own family, if they're kind of stuffy). Or looking casual-yet-cool to meet your hometown friends at a bar. There are a lot of challenges.

Ultimately, even though November might not bring the crush of holiday parties and I-need-a-new-cocktail-dress-now anxiety that the following month does, it still tests your ability to throw together an awesome outfit fast. So to combat that, we've rounded up some fantastic outfits for a veritable cornucopia of occasions and temperatures. Culled from our favorite celebs, street style stars and our very own Community members, there should be enough variety in there to inspire you. Take that, November.


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