Alexa Chung: Modern Muse

“I love girly dresses—they’re so easy and wearable. I pair them with flats, because with heels they look a little too normal.” Click through to see more of Alexa's looks as well as her street style greatest hits.

Senior Fashion Writer

How can you tell Alexa Chung is a true girl of the ’90s? Well, for one thing, she has a favorite Spice Girl. “It’s tough, they all have a special place in my heart, but I think I’d have to say Geri,” says Chung, who cites the flame-haired singer as one of her first style icons. “With those hips and boobs—she’s just so sexy!” Ginger Spice is just one of many topics Chung touches on in her new book, It—a memoir/scrapbook out October 29 in which the Fuse TV host and global fashion star discusses everything from late-night karaoke (“do not leave until they kick you out”) to relationship horrors (“I have Googled ‘how long does heartbreak last?’ ”) to Diane Keaton (“Nobody ever made high-waisted trousers and a tie look as good as Annie Hall”).

Like her wide-ranging cultural influences, Chung’s wardrobe is a mix of classic and unexpected—and of high end and high street. “In this day and age, you have to mix high and low,” says Chung. “Who can afford to dress just the high? And it makes things more interesting, anyway. Limitation breeds creativity.”

So does getting dressed on the fly. “I don’t really plan ahead,” says Chung of her spontaneous routine. “I wake up and ask, ‘What should I wear today?’ Then I start with one piece and that will spark the rest of the outfit.” And if it’s not a particular item that dictates her look, she’ll take a cue from her schedule. “I’ll look and see what I have going on that day, and I’ll dress like a character. If I’m getting on a plane, I’ll decide I want to be glamorous and channel Bianca Jagger.” Which is funny, really, since we think practically every other girl in the world gets up in the morning, stares at her closet and asks: “How can I channel Alexa Chung?”


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