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“I love girly dresses—they’re so easy and wearable. I pair them with flats, because with heels they look a little too normal.” Click through to see more of Alexa's looks as well as her street style greatest hits.
“When I find something I like, then it’s done. I’ll never take it off.”
“Why not white in winter? I have no rules. It’s always a case of wear what you want.”
“People always say I’m a tomboy, which is funny because I think my style is ladylike.”
“This dress is quite Fleetwood Mac. Like, I could be in a gypsy caravan with Stevie Nicks.”
“I’m not getting married, but if I was I’d do it in this two-piece.”
Alexa’s Greatest Hits
The style star on some of her best looks.
“This has been written up as the worst outfit I’ve ever worn. The cycling shorts were in the Chanel show and are really fun. It’s me cutting loose.”
“Overalls are easy and comfy. And they look good! They’re especially great on a flight—they’re not going to wrinkle, you can sleep in them.”
“My clothes are all a bit subversive. There’s a naughty-schoolgirl element, and they’re slightly suggestive.”
“I’m wearing a Bella Freud sweater just like Kate Moss did in the early 2000s. So, I copied Kate Moss.”
“A Peter Pan collar is one of my trademarks—I love it. It’s really prim and proper—but sexy, because it’s restrictive.”
“I don’t generally have any steadfast characterizations of my style, but I do like a floral print.”
“These cutoffs literally disintegrated off my body; I outlived them. The shirt is Chanel. I wear it practically once a week.”