13 Pairs of Tights Our Editors Stockpile All Winter Long

We've got you covered this tights season! Click through to shop our favorite 13 hosiery styles of all time.

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Fresh from the package, all tights look nearly the same: flimsy, floppy and shrunken to elfish proportions. You can't discern which pair will resist runs and cold weather better than others, lay flat under a dress or survive a washing machine. And since any style of just-bought hosiery starts in the same skinny, squiggly shape, it's hard to guess sizing without trying it on.

Then, even if you've purchased the right fit, there's still no quick way to tell how it'll ultimately hold up. To find out, you've got do things like walk around in the cold, brush against an especially rough brick wall or sit for several hours at a time. Sound like way too much time and effort? You could just shop the slideshow above instead. Filled with our editors' 13 favorite tights of all time, all carefully selected after a great deal of the aforementioned trial and error, it includes the best options out there for every hosiery concern. Click through to save yourself some unneeded legwork (ha!) now.

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