Why Black Friday Could Be The Undoing Of My Shopping Cleanse

Senior Digital Projects Editor

So far, this shopping cleanse hasn't been too taxing, and I'm certainly enjoying having a little more money in the bank. Aside from the odd temptation of a fur coat and a few other hiccups, nothing has really tested my resolve. But this weekend, while perusing one of my favorite stores, I ran into my brother.

We started talking about Thanksgiving at home, and the impending Black Friday—and he reminded me that sale season is around the corner. In just days, some of my most coveted items will probably go on discount, including the Michael Bastian cashmere hoodie pictured at left. That fur coat might even go on sale. My brother has a plan, and is already springing to action by setting up wish lists and sale notifications. Smart. So while he and throngs of shoppers around the country make a killing on Black Friday sales, I'll have to be content crying tears into a day-old pumpkin pie. Mmmmm.


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