Net-a-Porter's Catching Fire-Inspired Capitol Couture Collection Is Now Shoppable!

"Chins up, smiles on!" Click through to shop Net-a-Porter's new Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville collection now.

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Show of hands: who saw the extremely excellent The Hunger Games: Catching Fire over the weekend? I'm guessing a fair number of you did, since the critically-adored sequel set a new November box office record with an opening weekend gross of over $161 million! (In case you were wondering, that means it beat Twilight. Tributes > vampires, y'all.)

While there are numerous factors that made Catching Fire better than its 2012 predecessor—a higher budget, better special effects, Jena Malone—nobody could argue with the fact that the second installment's costumes were simply outstanding. For that, we have Catching Fire costume designer Trish Summerville to thank—and if you coveted Katniss Everdeen's onscreen wardrobe, you're in luck, because the team at Net-a-Porter tapped Summerville to create a special collection of Hunger Games-inspired clothing and accessories. Available starting today, Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville consists of over 20 pieces, from a jersey bomber jacket inspired by the Quarter Quell arena uniforms to a silver ear cuff in the shape of a bow and arrow to a vibrant blue "Mockingjay" cocktail dress, ranging from $75 to $995. Click through above to shop the entire collection!

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