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Miley Cyrus
Arguably this year's most widely discussed selfie-snapper, the perpetually bare-midriffed singer can't stop—and won't stop—taking photos of herself (and her tongue, of course).
RiRi's selfies have landed her in hot water a time or two—remember that impromptu mosque photoshoot, or Denim Thong-Gate?—but for the most part, her personal pics are consistently impressive.
Featuring a broad mix of family snapshots, inspirational sayings and performance pics, B's Insta is one of the best celebrity-run accounts out there—and her selfies predictably raise the bar.
Taylor Swift
When she's not snapping pics of her closest feline friend (hi, Meredith!)—or her human ones, like Selena Gomez and Dianna Agron—Tay Tay is sharing beautifully-lit selfies like nobody's business. (Unrelated note: doesn't "Nobody's Business" totally sound like the name of a Taylor Swift single?)
Miranda Kerr
The most stunning face in the world deserves to be shared on a massive scale.
Alexa Chung
Let's just say that if Alexa's hilarious TV interviews and crazy-enviable street style weren't enough to make us want to be her BFF, her Instagram sure seals the deal. How is it possible for this girl to never take a bad picture?!
Lauren Conrad
From sombrero-adorned top knots to polka-dotted manicures to wild headbands, every detailed selfie Lauren snaps is spot on. Can we please add an LC filter to our life?
Lady Gaga
Whether she's test-driving neon green hair, sporting wacky spectacles or trying bold brows on for size, this music/style/beauty chameleon's guaranteed to capture it on her Insta in the form of an off-center selfie.
Zooey Deschanel
Nail art inspo, precious puppies, Schmidtstagrams—the New Girl star's Instagram is a wellspring of cuteness. But when the blue-eyed beauty turns the camera on herself, that's when things get (wonderfully) weird.
Cara Delevingne
This bold-browed runway phenom doesn't take herself too seriously—so it's no surprise her selfies always leave us giggling.
Mindy Kaling
Oh, Mindy. Can we just hang out all day and go to brunch and bake cookies and dress up like Disney characters together?
Kim Kardashian
Love her or love to hate her, you can't argue with the fact that Mrs. Kanye West's Instagram is packed with enough self-tastic goodness to keep us clicking back time and time again. Bonus points for those selfies (er, let's just call them "assisted selfies") of baby Nori.