10 Types of Cutout Sweaters—And What To Wear With Them

Click through to discover 10 types of cutout sweaters—and to learn exactly what to wear with each one.

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Senior Digital Editor

Remember that Mean Girls scene in which Cady and her pals sabotage Regina George by snipping strategic holes in her tank top—and the "headlights" look promptly becomes a trend at North Shore High? Well, fear not: tackling cutout tops in real life doesn't require a girl to bare all, nor does it need to look silly. Done right, baring bits of skin in all the right places is a perfect way to add interest to an otherwise bundled-up look—and yes, contrary to popular opinion, you can wear cutouts well into winter.

Of course, all that depends on whether or not you're wearing the right layers underneath that peekaboo pullover. Frankly, wearing just a sweater as your lone layer isn't really realistic for most—especially when temperatures are taking a nosedive. But we're here to help you out! Click through above to shop 10 different varieties of cutout knits—from sweaters with cold shoulders to those with basically bare backs—as well as the tops you should consider pairing them with.


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