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Click through to discover 10 types of cutout sweaters—and to learn exactly what to wear with each one.
The Shark Bite Cutout
When all eyes are on your waistline, your instinct might be to add a statement belt with a crazy buckle—but that can throw things into TTH ("trying too hard") territory. Instead, pick a high-waisted midi skirt to emphasize a narrow middle, or choose a pair of cool skinny pants with a medium-to-high rise.
The Neckline Cutouts
A tank (or tee!) with a scooped neck will make it look like you're going bare while still adding warmth.
The Chest Cutout
To keep the cutout bare—which is the whole point, after all—go for a tank or camisole with a low-cut square neckline.
The Cropped Cutout
Crop tops aren't just for summertime; worn with a high-waisted skirt and tights, they're a viable option for chillier months, too.
The Hip Cutout
To show off wedge-shaped side cutouts like these while still staying covered, pick higher-waisted pants in a contrasting color. In this case, black leather would work beautifully.
The Hemline Cutout
Peekaboo details like these just beg to be layered atop a boldly patterned skirt or printed pants.
The Collarbone Cutout
Under a knit like this, it's best to choose a tube top or bandeau that won't mar the piece's clean lines.
The Cold Shoulder Cutouts
Any tank—whether thin- or thick-strapped—works well under a sweater like this.
The Bare Back Cutout
When half of your sweater is covered with holes—intentional ones, of course—it's best to let it be your lone layer for maximum graphic impact. But for those seeking more modesty (not to mention warmth), a simple crewneck tee with sleeves that match the length of the sweater's works well, too. Try one in a contrasting color for added pop!
The Armpit Cutouts
This super-modern style sounds way weirder than it is. To preserve the skin show-through the designer intended, try layering one of these over a racerback tank that cuts in at the armholes.