27 Cyber Monday 2013 Steals You Need To Know About

Instead of hauling yourself out of bed to hit the mall before the sun even shows its first rays (à la Black Friday), follow this trusty guide to 2013's best Cyber Monday deals. Click through to see 27 unfathomable steals that you won't be able to resist come December 2.

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Black Friday has many great virtues, the gist of which entail walking away from your favorite retailers with overflowing bags of goodies dropped down to fantastically low prices. We'd like to make the case, however, that Black Friday's sister sale, Cyber Monday, is far and away the best shopping holiday of the year.

Whereas Black Friday forces us to leave the cozy confines of our house (groan) in the middle of the night (double groan) to physically wrestle with like-minded customers over clothing (triple groan), Cyber Monday doesn't even necessitate that we leave our beds; as long as our computer, internet speed and credit card are up to snuff, we're in perfect shape to have our purchases overnighted to our humble abodes.

This year, Cyber Monday's markdowns are going to be major. But just because you get to keep your pajamas on during your expedition doesn't mean you don't need to approach the day without a game plan. Without further ado, click through to discover 27 deals and steals that are seriously too good to pass up.

And while you're at it, don't stop there: We've compiled the best Black Friday deals, as well as a five-step guide to mastering this year's holiday shopping weekend!

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