Dear Lucky: 'Are Maxi Dresses Here To Stay?'


Q Are maxi dresses and skirts here to stay? Can they be worn into fall and winter? —Maureen

A Dear Maureen,
Yes to maxi dresses—especially for fall and winter, says executive fashion editor Alexis Bryan Morgan. The key, she says, is wintry fabric: “Keep the summery pieces … for summer!” The chicest version by far has a slit. You wear it with short booties, as at Givenchy, above. I noted the bare legs; what if it’s snowing? “You cannot wear a maxi in snow,” says Alexis. “Absolutely not. No. You’ll look crazy, dragging a long wet hem around.” If it’s just cold and not snowing, Alexis likes tights (“adorable!”) with the long skirt/boot combination. The maxi rules not just for fall/winter, Alexis reports. “There are great ones for resort 2014—especially Lanvin and Jenni Kayne,” she says. Wear it with an oversize sweatshirt or boyfriend sweater; think slouchy. Slouchy on top, slit and skin-or-tights below, always with a bootie.

The sexily slit maxi—and slouchy sweater—at Givenchy.


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