Shopping Cleanse: How To Cut The Digital Ties That Bind

Senior Digital Projects Editor


When you have a bad relationship, sometimes the best thing to do is cut all ties. No texts, no late-night texts, no Facebook messages, e-mails, tweets, etc. etc. It's sad, but a no-communication rule will help you deal.

Every morning, my inbox is full of e-mails from retailers. They've gotten very smart over the past few years, using my name in subject lines, showing me things I've left in my cart, shouting about the newest arrivals and what not. To help ease my transition from compulsive shopper to normal human being, I've unsubscribed. From everything. Sound daunting? Not necessarily. There are plenty of services out there that will help you., for example, will let you log in using your e-mail address and then quickly clean up your inbox.

What are you waiting for? Cut the ties that bind. But if you cut Lucky's newsletter, I will hunt you down.

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