14 Fashion Designers Who Sport Signature Outfits

Click through for Carolina Herrera, Karl Lagerfeld, Vera Wang and more designers with go-to uniforms.

Robert Mitra for WWD, Giovanni Giannoni for WWD

Digital Writer

Have you ever noticed that fashion designers rarely follow the new trends they present each season? Or if they do, it's only since they were on the bandwagon before it was cool? From Karl Lagerfeld with his trademark skinny suits to the leggings Vera Wang's never without, they all seem to have that signature style thing down pat, and own the same outfit in multiples.

It's an intimidating idea to try at first (what, wear the same thing every day?!) but uniform dressing is actually a telltale sign of insanely good style. When someone keeps showing up in the same ensemble, it shows they know their body well enough to pick what flatters it best. It also proves that they're unwaveringly confident in their level of taste; after all, anyone with the sartorial conviction to stick with one go-to look isn't going to be swayed by some flashy new silhouette or "It color." And because of that, they always look and feel comfortable.

If you need a little inspiration to give the whole uniform thing a try, click through the slideshow above for 14 designers who've been pulling it off for years.


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