Gift Guide: The 10 Coolest Accessories for a Heavy Metal Addict


The frigid winter cold isn't stopping anyone's need to text (or Instagram, or Tweet or Facebook... ) so touch screen gloves might just be the greatest invention-slash-gift ever. But opt for a sleek, heavy-metal zip detail for a geek chic-meets-rocker edge.

This season, our gift list is chock full of rocked out, edged up shoes, bags, and winter staples, featuring tons of too-cool heavy metal embellishments. Because with all the thought you're putting into your holiday shopping, you want the presents you give to stand out above the rest of the bunch. (Hey, who said holiday gifting was all about the recipient?) In this case, the attention-grabbing tricks are all in the sleek hardware details: studs, chains, shimmer, and zips. So click through the above slideshow to shop our top 10 heavy metal-embellished hits of the season, all courtesy of Kenneth Cole.


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