Five Expert Styling Tricks To Take You From The Yoga Studio To Out And About

From the Studio to the Office

"When I have to run straight to a business meeting, I'm going to switch out my yoga pants for a cute skirt with legwear. My new favorite find is Pure Bliss by Hanes Hosiery. This hosiery with benefits has totally new technology: a bi-directional compression weave that gives me a micro-massage and tones my legs all day long."


You're juggling a busy schedule, you want to look your best and you really, really need to fit a satisfying, empowering yoga or workout session in there somewhere. And back to the busy and looking good part—it's a challenge when you're rushing from the locker room to the office or out at night. Luckily, there are some really cute transitional workout clothes on the market and we have yoga and wellness expert/Hanes Pure Bliss spokesperson Sadie Nardini to show us a few of her tried-and-true studio-to-city styling tricks.

"I travel everywhere to do yoga and wellness events, and I live in New York City, so I'm always running to get to wildly different engagements, from workouts to fancy dinners, out with friends or business meetings," Sadie tells us. "With my crazy, busy schedule, I know firsthand how challenging it is just to get to the gym or yoga studio, and meet your other responsibilities—much less look fantastic while doing it all."

Now, we've actually taken one of her seriously awesome mind- and core-strengthening yoga classes and noticed even when she's making us bend, sweat and chant in a thousand different ways (and doing it all with us), Sadie always looks amazing.

"But I've found a way, and I encourage all my clients to do the same, since dressing to be fit, fierce and fabulous, wherever they are promotes confidence, energizing endorphins and that attractive inner spark that everyone can see on the outside," the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga continues. "This brings more opportunities that can come to you when you have that extra bounce in your step that comes from not only feeling, but looking your best."

"When it comes to being a fitness- and style-oriented gal, preparation is key," Sadie states. "Here are my secret weapons: a few quick, easy tips and fab items that are always in my bag so I can make seamless transitions from my mat to the street, and beyond." Click through the slideshow above for Sadie's expert guide to going from the studio to work, out with friends or even date night. Namaste, y'all!


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