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From the Studio to the Office
"When I have to run straight to a business meeting, I'm going to switch out my yoga pants for a cute skirt with legwear. My new favorite find is Pure Bliss by Hanes Hosiery. This hosiery with benefits has totally new technology: a bi-directional compression weave that gives me a micro-massage and tones my legs all day long."
From the Studio to Weekend Brunch
"I'm the queen of layering. Wear a versatile yoga outfit, like my go-to, American-made, long-lasting and chic black moto pants and criss cross tank from Nesh NYC. I always pair it with a colorful, funky scarf—like my Toro, which instantly turns my yoga outfit into a mimosa-worthy look." We like a slouchy-tough moto-boot to complete the outfit—it's easy to slip off and on at the studio, too.
Straight-From-the-Studio Beauty Essentials
"Whether I'm off to a date or out with friends, I plan ahead so my makeup never runs, even during a sweaty class. Students comment on it all the time. The essentials: waterproof mascara, 24-hour lipstick and Neutrogena makeup removing wipes. They're the only thing I've found to remove the long-lasting stuff, plus they double as a fresh-smelling (and fast) insta-shower after class." You'll also need a super-chic cosmetic pouch that can pull double duty as a post-yoga-class clutch.
From the Studio to Date Night (Part One)
"I walk miles a day in the Big Apple, so I wear comfy shoes to get there. But when I arrive, I'm carrying my secret date weapon: Chinese Laundry stilettos with gold tips. Throw these babies on with your black yoga wear and you just ensured that first date turns into a second!" For an easy class-to-date look, try a slouchy long-sleeved top over a leather-piped tank with lean-cut sweatpants. A sleek red clutch instantly turns the outfit into designer streetwear.
From the Studio to Date Night (Part Two)
And once you've scored that coveted second date, go with Sadie's follow-up outfit idea: "Hosiery, skirt and scarf." (And those lucky cap-toe stilettos, of course.) Why mess with a good thing? Keep the sweatshirt, but switch out your yoga pants for a futuristic white A-line skirt and a pair of Hanes Sheer Bliss Luxe Sheer Hose. Then bring it all together with a zen-themed infinity scarf. Ommm...