Dear Lucky: 'What Holiday Outfits Are Sexy But Warm?'

Executive Beauty Director

Q Any ideas for sexy outfits that can be worn to holiday parties where the hosts keep the heat turned down? —@graycityparrot

A Dear @graycityparrot, I too am always freezing! Sexy While Not Freezing is one of the ultimate challenges. But making oneself uncomfortable for sexiness or glamour is  … “so not chic!” according to executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. (It should be noted that some people, by virtue of their unstoppable bodies, always look sexy, even when bowling in footed onesie pajamas; Alexis is such a person.) Alexis said she learned the Never-Be-Uncomfortable rule from a famously generous and stylish designer at a dinner party one night: “I had on this kind of revealing dress and kept—you know—adjusting it.” Here Alexis paused to giggle. “She finally looked at me and was like, ‘Stop. Stop! It’s better to have your boobs fall out than to keep fussing with your dress all night!’ And you know what? It’s true.”

Alexis sent me to market editor Laurel Pantin, who said that a suit is the sexiest thing right now. “You want fitted; a skinny cut, with ankle-length pants,” she said. “And a feminine top under the jacket—but nothing drapey or frilly. It’s cooler to just go with tomboy than a twist on tomboy.” I wondered about no shirt, in the Charlotte Rampling vein. “Oh, that’s how I’d wear it,” said Laurel, looking at me cryptically. “But then … you’d be cold, no?”

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