Five Hostess Outfits To Serve Up This Thanksgiving

The Mobile Hostess

Despite always planning meals ahead, you never seem to stop moving for long enough to relax. You're always checking in on your guests, making them comfortable and keeping one eye on the kids, one eye on the stove and the other eye that you somehow developed on the mashed potatoes. Wear something that you can move in. Thanksgiving is no holiday for the sluggish. With this, you'll be able to get from kitchen to dining room to living room and back with ease.
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So, come Thursday next, your house will be full of guests. Your friends, your family, your extended family and possibly your in-laws. Despite the mounting stress of your daily life, you've decided to play hostess this year. Good for you! We applaud you. In an effort to make the turkey basting, pie baking, cranberry sauce prepping, stuffing concepting and general mayhem in your kitchen a little easier, here are five different hostess outfits to get you through Thanksgiving. At least when your turkey coma hits, you know you'll be napping in a really solid look.

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