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Hosting a crowd this Thanksgiving? You worry about the food, we'll handle your wardrobe. Click through for five perfect hostess outfits.
The Mobile Hostess
Despite always planning meals ahead, you never seem to stop moving for long enough to relax. You're always checking in on your guests, making them comfortable and keeping one eye on the kids, one eye on the stove and the other eye that you somehow developed on the mashed potatoes. Wear something that you can move in. Thanksgiving is no holiday for the sluggish. With this, you'll be able to get from kitchen to dining room to living room and back with ease.
The Fancy Hostess
Catering! Genius! Why bother with the stress of a home-cooked meal when you can have a cooked meal delivered straight to your home? All you have to do is be ready an hour before the caterer arrives. Spend your whole morning primping with a little bit of house cleaning and dress almost-to-the-nines. This Thanksgiving, your dress—not the turkey—will make the impression.
The Full House Hostess
When did your family get so big? And loud? There are kids everywhere, your brother is being a little liberal with the wine and your mom is up to her usual tricks. Nobody has seen your dad in a while, and you're starting to panic. But it's okay! Thanksgiving is for a home full of good vibes. But with all those people running around, a skirt will be your best friend. Easy to move, higher hemline and still plenty proper.
The Clumsy Hostess
Beware of the gravy. Steer clear of the red wine. Keep your hands away from the cranberry sauce. Why? Because you're a klutz. But it's totally cool—we all have clumsy moments from time to time. Still, you never want to be the hostess with stains on her clothes. Go all-black and keep an apron on hand, and your guests will be none the wiser.
The I Cooked All of This and Will Eat All of This Hostess
You slaved all day in the kitchen and you intend to spend all night in the dining room. There's a beautiful turkey waiting to be carved and you haven't stopped thinking about the stuffing since May of 2013. You've earned the right to eat everything and not clean a thing. All we have to say is: trust in the elastic waistband.