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Queen Aoleon & King Jaffe Joffer
See right here—you get it. This is why Coming to America is so good. "This is beautiful! What is this? Velvet?" is one of the most classic lines in '80s cinema. Warning: I searched high and low, but no bejeweled lion's head stoles could be found. You'll have to settle for some faux fur. Click through to shop the look.
Semmi & Prince Akeem
When Akeem and Semmi arrive in New York, intent on settling in Queens, they instruct their driver to take them to the "most common part." Their attempts at blending in as "ordinary African students" aren't exactly successful. Can't imagine why. Click through to shop the look.
Lisa MacDowell
After going to every bar in Queens, Akeem finds Lisa at the Miss Black Awareness Pageant. She's not a contestant, but is instead collecting donations to rebuild a neighborhood park. Lisa is the '80s style icon of everybody's dreams. Isn't it obvious? Click through to shop the look.