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There were tons of inspiring velvet outfits on the Fall/Winter 2013 runways last February. Click through to learn how to make the trend work for you.
1. Avoid Crushed Velvet
Even without the addition of rhinestone or sparkles, crushed velvet is hard to wear without looking an ice dancer. Sidestep the risk by picking something thicker, and without stretch.
2. Resist Nostalgia
Sure, seeing a floppy velvet beret or velour hoodie might give you warm fuzzies for your childhood wardrobe—but that doesn't mean you should buy it. Instead, invest in fresh takes on the fabric, like a paneled sweatshirt or baseball cap.
3. When in Doubt, Go Dark
It's possible, but tricky, to pull off brightly colored velvet. Should you have the tiniest glimmer of hesitation, go with a deep jewel tone, steel gray or black instead—those shades always work.
4. Try a Menswear Silhouette
Because velvet is most commonly made into dresses and skirts, it seems more special on a blazer, tailored trousers or brogue. It's also the best way to avoid having a Renaissance Fair moment: no one associates office wear with minstrels or court jesters.
5. Don't Dilute The Effect
Velvet's a pretty intense fabric, so use it judiciously. Whereas one well-placed piece will tie your ensemble together nicely, too many will come off as busy and heavy-handed.