EXCLUSIVE: Katy Perry Talks The PRISM Tour, Her Junk Food Kryptonite And Dressing For Her Body Type

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Just hours ago, Katy Perry tweeted out to her 47.5 million followers that she'll soon be embarking on a global series of concerts to promote her new album, PRISM. The aptly-titled Prismatic World Tour will kick off in May 2014 in the UK and be followed by a long string of other international appearances, meaning that the perpetually on-the-go pop star—seriously, did you see her incredible documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me?!—is about to get even busier.

Even in the midst of juggling her music (the girl's got eight number one Billboard singles under her belt, in case you'd forgotten), her product empire (her third fragrance, Killer Queen, launched earlier this year) and countless other endorsement deals (including a plum gig as a spokesperson for Popchips), Katy never rests on her laurels when it comes to her personal style. Whether she's hitting the Met Gala in a light-up gown, covering herself in (faux) candy while performing or stepping out in unbelievable vintage accessories, the superstar never fails to turn heads. I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes with Katy in the days leading up to her big tour announcement—read on for the scoop on her snacking habits, how she outfits her gorgeous curves and the one body part she'd never, ever dare to bare in public!

Lucky: Your personal style is famously in flux all the time—you're such a chameleon! If someone wanted to get the "Katy Perry look" right now, what pieces would they need?

Katy Perry: For this new PRISM era, I'd say your essentials are a fuzzy sweater, a schoolgirl skirt and black thigh-highs with Doc Martens.

What's your favorite costume you've ever worn onstage?

Right now, we're in the middle of dreaming up the costumes for our next tour—but from the last tour, it was the Hershey Kiss bikini by Jeremy Scott.

What's the biggest fashion risk you've ever taken—and is there anything you'd never wear?

I take a risk with my fashion every day—that's what keeps it fun. One thing I would never wear is something that shows off my private parts.

Valid. So where's a surprising place you like to shop?

I was just in Tokyo, and I love walking the alleys of Omotesando or Harajuku for fun, only-in-Japan looks.

What have you learned over the years about dressing for your body type? What's your favorite physical feature to highlight?

My body fluctuates by five to eight pounds all of the time, so stretch is my friend! My favorite body part is my waist because it stays so small somehow.

What items do you always have in your bag?

Baby wipes, Hempz lotion and my toothbrush.

What are a few of your favorite snacks? Any junk food weaknesses?

After a good workout, I reach for barbecue Popchips when I want a salty snack, and my kettle corn flavor when I'm craving something sweet. Hydrating is incredibly important—that’s why I prefer water over sugary sports drinks. My junk food cravings hit me in the form of chicken nuggets with a variety of dipping sauces. But I curb my fast food attacks by having constant costume fittings!

Finally, any hints you can drop about your just-announced PRISM tour?

I'm going to be closer to my fans than I've ever been. There's also going to be opportunity for spontaneous audience interaction, and magical elements throughout.

For more info on the Prismatic World Tour, head to KatyPerry.com!


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