Nine Seriously Fancy Presents From Moda Operandi's Holiday Gift Guide

The Gift: All the trappings for a highfalutin eight person dinner party.

Why It's So Fancy: Well for starters, it comes with "stirrup" cups shaped like woodland creatures, made by Gucci in the '70s.

Buy It For: Someone who'll invite you to the requisite shindig afterwards.

Digital Writer

Christmas and Hanukkah shopping season has officially arrived, with all its cashmere socks, pine scented candles and…$46,650 falcon bookends commissioned by Jefri Bolkiah, the Prince of Brunei? Well, maybe only the last one if you plan on procuring your presents from Moda Operandi this year. The luxury e-tailer just released its holiday gift guide and let's just say the options are little more extravagant than what most folks put under the tree or menorah. Like, $38,000 mink cape extravagant.

So who is actually purchasing these fanciful things for their loved ones? Apparently anyone like "The Mockwells," the fictitious family featured in MO's new holiday gift guide campaign video. With names like "Bunny and "Magnus," the Mockwells have lavish dinners centered around gourmet finger food. They really like plaid. Their slobbery bulldog wears precious jewels. The clan's youngest member, a pre-school age girl, plays dress up in the aforementioned mink cape.

Of course, if it isn't tradition in your home to swap knick-knacks that cost more than a car (or you know, you'd like enough money to afford having a car), it's still plenty fun to just look at all the over-the-top things Mockwellian people might be buying from Moda in the forthcoming few months. We've narrowed the selection down to the seven most decadent items availible on the site right now. Click through to see everything now, and watch the Mockwells in action below!



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