Five Types of Not-So-Basic Striped Tees to Try Right Now

Striped t-shirt collection feeling a little stale? Click through to refresh it right now!

Digital Writer

There's no end to what a classic striped tee will match. It works perfectly under all manner of blazers and makes the ultimate casual counterpoint to a formal pencil skirt. Denim, too, seems a little more special, more Parisian, when a sailor-style shirt's involved, as do cropped ankle pants. Indeed, owning a simple striped shirt just makes getting dressed easier, period.

That said, the standard striped tee is not something worth building an outfit around, it's more of a staple the way white undershirts and blue jeans are—you find the right one and then mix it with everything. To really made a statement in Waldo's top of choice, you need to find one that steps outside the ubiquitous nautical motif zone, something to separate you from millions of girls out there who own almost identical Seberg-eque tees. Any of the five not-so-basic striped types in the slideshow above, all inspired by off-duty looks from some of our favorite celebrities, will do just that. Each option is more memorable than plain old navy (or black or red) and white horizontal lines, so you'll always stand out, no matter what you pair it with. Click through to kick up your striped shirt game now.


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