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The Striped Tee With a Heart
on Diane Kruger

Is it cheesy to say we're in love with this one? Bad puns aside, it's true, we can't get over how much better the universal symbol for affection makes this classic T-shirt style.

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The Surprising Color Combo Striped Tee
on Ashely Greene

Since most people default to mixing navy, black or red with white, two unexpected shades with stand out in the best way.

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The Graphic Striped Tee
on Nina Dubrev

Especially useful if you want to keep the rest of your outfit simple (although it's pretty great with a printed skirt, too).

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The Variegated Striped Tee
on Dianna Agron

It's so subtle most people won't be able to tell what's different about your striped shirt, but they'll know that it's way better than theirs.

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The Colorblock Striped Tee
on Agyness Deyn

"What, your striped shirt only has two colors? Bummer."

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