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Got a few old coats languishing in the back of your closet? Click through for seven easy ways to spruce each one up.
1. Dry Clean It
Sometimes the only reason your coat looks tired and old is because you left it unwashed in your closet for six months. Once it's clean, you'll have a better idea of whether it's wearable or not.
2. Swap the Buttons
If the outerwear in question is in good condition but you're totally sick of looking at it, this is the solution for you! It's super affordable (you only need to buy the new buttons—try M&J Trimming, it has a massive selection), fast (roughly 30 minutes, depending on your sewing skills) and the impact is instant (I gurantee people will think you bought a new coat). Best of all, it requires zero commitment: you can always, after all, make another switch.
3. Change the Lining
Unless you're a talented seamstress, this project definitely needs the help of a tailor. Paying a little bit extra for help is well worth it, though; you can totally transform a coat by re-lining it. For instance, adding a snuggly fabric, like flannel or fleece, will make it much warmer. Or, for a more expensive feel, you can do silk, velvet or satin inside.
4. Crop It
This works best with boxy outerwear—the forgiving silhouette should go from full to chubby length without any fit issues.
5. Belt It
It's the easiest and oldest trick in the book: simply cinch your outerwear in at the waist and it'll look entirely new. You'll save a lot of money with this tip, too! Even several new belts cost less than a new coat, after all.
6. Shorten the Sleeves
Although the idea of a short-sleeved jacket or coat sounds kind of strange at first, having one actually makes it easier to pull together a great outfit. Just layer it on top of elbow-length gloves or a cool sweaters, maybe throw on a statement bangle, and your ensemble will seem professionally styled.
7. Trim it With Fur
But keep in mind that a matching neckline, cuffs and hem will make your coat look more formal. Should your style skew in a more casual direction, either trimming just the collar—or something less expected, like the sleeves or pockets—is a better option.