Seven Easy Ways To Revive An Old Coat

1. Dry Clean It

Sometimes the only reason your coat looks tired and old is because you left it unwashed in your closet for six months. Once it's clean, you'll have a better idea of whether it's wearable or not.

Digital Writer

Due to the plentiful array of fall sales popping up online lately, I (and my fellow editors) have been urging you to stock up on outerwear for the last couple of weeks. But let's take a minute to discuss all the trenches, bombers, anoraks, furs and puffers you already own. A new coat doesn't give you an excuse to neglect those, after all!

Even if your past-season outerwear feels stale and worn out right now, it's easy enough to revive with the seven DIY (or DIWTHOAT: Do it With the Help of a Tailor) tips in the slideshow above. Ranging from tiny tweaks to complete makeovers, these ideas are sure to make even the most beat-up coat seem shiny and new. Click through to get started!


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