Shopping Cleanse: Stepping Back From The Fur Coat Ledge

Senior Digital Projects Editor

So far this retail cleanse thing is going well. I haven't bought anything yet, and am slowly realizing that I am a completely ridiculous person. Today brought the first snow to NYC, along with some generally cold and blustery weather. Unfortunately, chilly temperatures always makes me think about getting sartorially ready for the harsh season ahead. After getting to the office, I was immediately, incessantly bombarded by "new arrivals" e-mails. One in particular grabbed my attention, and down the e-commerce rabbit hole I went. Somewhere in the neverending "you might also like..." options, I found a coat.

Now, outerwear is my Achilles heel. I would lose battles in the name of a good coat. This is where the crazy sets in: this particular coat is fur—a "man fur," if you will. It's soft, luxurious and would look really good in a pastoral/hunting editorial. It's $4,500—and certainly worth the cost considering the craftmanship and materials. But on what planet do I think I can afford or justify this? I only go on one or two pastoral hunting expeditions every winter, so that's not really enough reason to buy it. Not to mention the fact that I already have a coat with a fur collar, perfect for such occasions. Also, I haven't got $4,500 to my name.

When Eva, our editor-in-chief, got wind of my temporary insanity
, she talked me back from the ledge that I had no business being on in the first place. It was a one-percenter's ledge, and I'm doomed to the 99 percent for all eternity. Unfortunately for me, this therapy session occurred in the elevator, and my spot was completely blown up, but no big deal. It's behavior like this, this exact type of fantastical justification, that gets people into trouble with credit—which is a much more serious problem than not having a coat to wear when I go hunting at Downton Abbey.

I still want it, though.


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