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There's just one day left until Thanksgiving—have you picked decided on an outfit yet? Click through for five foolproof ideas now.
For a Friends-giving
Aside from sharing a day of autumnal merriment with your pals, the very best part of a "friends-giving" is the stress-free dress code. Your buddies aren't going to care what you show up wearing so long as you bring a tasty side dish and some sort of libation. But for your own sake, it's probably best to go with something comfortable—remember, you'll mostly be hanging out and eating! (A good rule of thumb: anything you'd wear to a casual Sunday brunch works.) 
For an Urban Thanksgiving
Whereas dining spots in suburban towns mostly go dark on the fourth Thursday of November, plenty of big city restaurants stay open. If you plan to give thanks this year by partaking in a special prix fixe menu, build your outfit around a cozy sweater dress. Besides being slouchy and roomy enough for serious eating, you can make it look fancy with a few choice accessories.
For a Country Club Thanksgiving
The best way to honor the venue's conservative dress code without compromising your personal style is to go the basic LBD route (preferably a loose shift or drop waist style because two words: second helpings). Since it's such a classic look, you'll have more freedom to have fun with the coordinating shoes, jewelry and bag.
For a Formal Thanksgiving
Resist the temptation to show up in a body-con cocktail dress—you'll regret it when you want second helping of turkey. An elegantly draped silk style will look just as fancy without uncomfortably squeezing your midsection. It's good to have a silk blazer on hand, too, in case you get chilly.
For an Immediate Family-Only Thanksgiving
When parents and siblings are the only parties involved, it's totally okay to spend the entire holiday in sweatpants. You want to look pulled together in the family photos, though, so pick a style that's not too baggy and pair it with a cute pullover. As far as footwear goes, slide into moccasin-inspired slippers—it's a sneaky way to look like you're wearing real shoes.