Your Foolproof Thanksgiving Style Guide: Outfits Ideas For Every and Any Celebration

For a Friends-giving

Aside from sharing a day of autumnal merriment with your pals, the very best part of a "friends-giving" is the stress-free dress code. Your buddies aren't going to care what you show up wearing so long as you bring a tasty side dish and some sort of libation. But for your own sake, it's probably best to go with something comfortable—remember, you'll mostly be hanging out and eating! (A good rule of thumb: anything you'd wear to a casual Sunday brunch works.) 

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Deciding what to wear on Thanksgiving is tricky. It's more than just pulling together a loose, forgiving and big meal-friendly outfit—you've also got dress codes to consider. Are you having turkey and stuffing at a five star restaurant this year? A fancy country club? Drawstring pants probably aren't going to cut it. Not that it's okay to get sartorially lazy at a casual friends and family get-together either. Even without an official policy preventing you from full-on pajamas, it's still important to look good in photos. Who knows what will pop up on Instagram?!

That's why I've put together an ensemble for every possible Turkey Day scenario in the slideshow above. My picks accommodate both extremely low key and black tie affairs, along with any in-between grey area that has you stumped. Click through to nail down your perfect Thanksgiving look now so you can spend tomorrow on more important things (like making a bulletproof game plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

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