30 Pairs of Slouchy, Stretchy Pants To Slip Into This Thanksgiving—That Won't Make You Look Like A Slob!

Click through to shop 30 pairs of super-comfy, slouchy pants that will allow you to go back for seconds (and thirds!) during Thanksgiving dinner.

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What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Perhaps it's reuniting with the friends, family and pets you don't get many opportunities to see throughout the rest of the year. Or, you know, it could be all that irresistible football. And let's not forget the promise of all those stellar Black Friday deals to come. But to be perfectly honest, it's the Turkey Day edibles that make the late-November holiday one of our all-time favorites. Come on—who can resist mountains of turkey (or Tofurkey—no judgment), mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie?

So when it comes to selecting your Thanksgiving Day outfit, a waistband with major give is imperative. But unless your family doesn't give a lick about dress codes, sweatpants—yes, even designer ones—aren't exactly the most appropriate attire for a celebratory get-together. And leggings, while certainly stretchy, aren't really ideal of camouflaging your post-meal "food baby."

That's why I've rounded up the 30 pairs of stylish pants in the slideshow above; while all of them feature either elastic or drawstring waistbands, they're neither body-conscious nor workout-worthy. In fact, all they're missing is the perfect pair of sharp shoes (I recommend a pointy d'Orsay flat or classic pump). So go ahead, have that extra helping of stuffing. I—and your pants—won't tell.

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