Feast of Fashion: Thanksgiving Recipes From Style Industry Insiders

You're about to have a very long grocery list. Click through for some of our favorite fashion people's Thanksgiving recipes.

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Senior Digital Projects Editor

A lot of people assume that the fashion crowd doesn't eat a lot. The general stereotype is that we go to great lengths to fit into sample sizes, exercise ourselves into delirium and dine on bowls of kale. Let me be the first to tell you: that is completely false. We feast like kings in the fashion industry. In fact, you could call us a gluttonous bunch. There's a constant flow of cupcakes, sweets and candies in our office—bookended by dinners and lunches with our colleagues. Simply put: we can put away a mountain of food.

So, with less than a week to go 'til Thanksgiving, we rallied the troops for their favorite recipes, which include my family's famous "bacon things." Click through above to make your mouth water.

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