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The Braid
Pro tip: "A braid is the best way to keep your hair from getting tangled and frizzy under a helmet or hat. And bonus: once you take it out later, you'll have pretty, surfer girl waves!" —Alison Syrett Cleary, digital writer
The Comb
Always keep a wide-tooth comb on hand to gently pull through those tangles and mats. Lightly wet the comb with warm water or your favorite hair spritzer, letting your hair dry thoroughly before repeating the process.
The Shake-Out
Start by parting your hair heavily to one side before donning a hat. After pulling your beanie off, shake out your locks to reveal loose waves, just like those on this Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2014 model. Part your hair in its original place and voila—no frizz!
The Dryer Sheet
On set at her September Lucky shoot, Man Repeller's Leandra Medine learned what she deemed "The Secret" (and later blogged about it here). Rubbing a dryer sheet through partitioned hair pieces—say, six times—eliminates frizz once and for all.
Going Boho
Pro tip: "I love that beanie-with-gorgeously-undone-hair look, à la Cara Delevingne. I also love the boho hat trend right now. It looks great on any length of hair, and is a great cover-up for bad hair days." —Jen Atkin, celebrity hairstylist for Clear/The Wall Group
The Serum
Pro tip: "I'll admit, I totally discovered this Garnier Frutis serum by accident, when someone left it behind in my bathroom—but I'm so, so glad I did! Just a dime-sized dab smoothes away fly-aways, calms down frizz and adds shine without leaving greasy residue like most hair serums. I go through bottle after bottle during cashmere beanie season!" —Alison Syrett Cleary, digital writer
The Moisturizer
Never doubt the importance of clean, hydrated hair—especially when it comes to fighting static. Use a moisturizing shampoo every other day to lock in hydration and keep locks from getting too dry. Making healthy hair a priority will work wonders for your daily beauty routine!
Go Oversized
Pro tip: "I happen to have an enormous head—literally, not figuratively—and 99 percent of hats don't fit me. My solution is to stick with slouchy, oversized beanies that are meant to look a few sizes too big. An added bonus? Since the band's super-loose, they don't dent your hair!" —Elana Fishman, senior digital editor