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Need to finish your Christmas shopping STAT? Click through for 11 easy presents that'll get the job done.
1. Homemade Cookies
Simple as it sounds, baking for someone is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. Think about it: you aren't just handing over tasty treats, but giving the gift of your time. Be sure to pack the final product in something pretty and festive! (Check your local grocery, drug- and craft stores—most will carry decorated tins and treat bags during the holiday season.)
2. Stationery and Office Supplies
I'm not talking about your standard issue Staples binders and loose leaf paper here (although, those things are good gifts for college kids with limited budgets)! To make the present special, you need to find notecards and writing utensils that are both functional and fun to look at. You'll find plenty of worthy stuff at major paper product chains (Papyrus, Kate's Paperie and Paper Source are all good options) and bookstores (check Barnes & Noble and Borders).
3. Picture Frames
With a picture inside, of course, because who ever recieves a frame and remembers to fill it? You should be able to take care of this present at any drugstore that develops film; most have an accompanying kiosk and frame selection.
4. Movie Tickets
When in doubt, there's no way you can go wrong with a cinema gift card: it's something everyone, literally everyone, will use. If you'd like to personalize the present a bit, wrap it with a pack of the recipient's favorite candy.
5. Manicure Kit
Since lacquer alone can read a little last minute, it's better to go with a whole nail care theme. The more thorough you are, the better: a bottle of top coat, emory boards, polish remover and Q-tips are all excellent things to include.
6. High-Quality Headphones
Whether it's colorful, printed or extra cushiony around the ears, an earbud upgrade is always welcome. Both lifestyle (example: Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters) and electronic stores should have a nice variety of options.
7. Specialty Cocktail Ingredients
Throw it in a basket or gift bag with some spirits, a shaker and roasted nuts for a full-on cocktail hour kit. Guaranteed to make any get-together more merry, this present is perfect for hostesses.
8. Cashmere Anything
High quality is a must here—the whole point of the gift is to feel luxurious, like something people wouldn't buy for themselves. If you don't want to go Elder Statesman blanket big, cozy winter accessories are always a hit.
9. Multiples Of Their Favorite Drugstore Beauty Product
If you happen to know their all-time favorite drugstore beauty buy, give it in bulk. Besides being supremely useful, this gift points suspicion away from the fact you bought it last minute. They'll be way too touched you remembered it was Burt's Bees Sensitive—not regular—face wash to think this present was anything but planned.
10. A Book
In the event you don't know what's on their reading list, one of your own favorite titles will do. Be sure to leave a handwritten note on the inside cover explaining why they'll love the book, and what it means to you.
11. Monogrammed Mugs
Whereas most monogrammed items need to be ordered in advance, mugs with initials usually come pre-made. Besides this charming style from Pottery Barn, you'll find good options at your local Anthropologie, C. Wonder and Neiman Marcus.