The 20 Breakout Style Stars of 2013

Jennifer Lawrence

From Oscars to bobs, from crop tops to pixies, from that irresistible personality to those insane acting chops, we love absolutely everything about JLaw. Click through to see more of her best looks from 2013.

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In the wise words of the Grateful Dead, what a long, strange trip it's been. Of course, the 1960s rock band probably wasn't referencing 2013's celebrity style when they wrote that tune—but they could have been. Not only did this past year grace us with crop tops (and lots of 'em), long bobs and all-leather everything, but we were also fortunate enough to witness quite a few breakout fashion moments, too.

Throughout 2013, these 20 well-dressed celebs made a name for themselves, impressing esteemed designers while also establishing their own personal style in the process. Translation: we sure do love this crew a whole lot. Click through now to see our favorite breakout style stars of 2013— and to get a good read on what we might see them do in 2014, too.

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