The 15 Biggest Style Comebacks Of 2013

Take a look at your current wardrobe, and you'll probably notice a large portion of it repping earlier decades (especially if you're lucky enough to own any of the goods from Saint Laurent's Courtney Love-inspired Fall 2013 collection). Click through now to see the 15 best style comebacks of the year!

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I think I speak for all of us when I say 2013 was an interesting year for fashion trends. Not only did it bring us the crop top-clad stylings of one Miss Miley Cyrus, but it also delivered more prints than we knew what to do with and many things vintage-inspired. From '90s-perfected Birkenstocks to the swingy, groovy wrap dresses of the 1970s, the past influenced what we wore, bought and dreamt about in almost every style category. And for good reason, too: there are only so many original ideas nowadays, so why not borrow the best looks from earlier decades? Designers, street style stars, celebrities and editors are certainly on board.

These 15 style comebacks made an enormous splash in 2013, and we suspect their reign of stylishness won't be over by the time 2014 gets into full swng. Click through to see—and shop—them all!

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