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Take a look at your current wardrobe, and you'll probably notice a large portion of it repping earlier decades (especially if you're lucky enough to own any of the goods from Saint Laurent's Courtney Love-inspired Fall 2013 collection). Click through now to see the 15 best style comebacks of the year!
I might be fashion's biggest supporter of reintroducing Birkenstocks to an industry hell-bent on acquiring heels with four-digit price tags. Designers (like Marc Jacobs) clearly agree: he included such "ugly shoes" in his Fall 2013 runway show.
Street style stars and off-duty models alike stunned onlookers this year when they started wearing beanies not only indoors, but also during the summer. Weird, right?! But no, the fashion set adapted quickly, and now beanies of all makes and models are a cool-girl staple.
Love 'em or hate 'em, you probably (OK, definitely) have an opinion on cat ear accessories, especially because they made such a splash in 2013. From ears to headbands and caps to rings, felines had a serious moment this year.
Classic Fabrics
Tweed is almost certainly the cure to all your style woes. Not only are tweed jackets, for instance, scarily versatile, but they also add a certain classic appeal to anything you might have on—be it a slouchy tee or a sharp blouse. Extra style points if you wear 'em with matching shorts, too!
Ear Cuffs
Don't have the guts (or the cash flow) to splurge on multiple, matching cartilage pierces? Edgy-cool ear cuffs are a cute alternative to give your jewelry collection a little extra oomph.
Full Skirts
Quick, get to your grandmother's vintage closet before your other female relatives do! This year, swingy, A-line skirts—especially of the midi variety—proved themselves to be great with just about anything on top.
Yet another controversial sartorial statement, overalls have been on the rise for a year or so now, and hit sky-high style fame this past summer. We have to admit, though, we really don't hate them—but only if you pull them off with confidence.
Prep school ladies, bless your lucky stars, because 2013 brought pearls from grandma to catwalk territory. The shiny spheres made an appearance on more than just jewelry this year, making everything just a little more prim and proper.
Ah, here's one trend that Saint Laurent's aforementioned Fall 2013 show perhaps single-handedly revitalized. There's no sugarcoating this one: plaid is everywhere, and there's no escaping it.
Yes, as in the Hugh Hefner publication. Kate Moss' 60th anniversary cover is one issue of Playboy we've actually been tempted to buy, and this Marc Jacobs tee takes things to a whole other level.
Graphic Sweatshirts
There is a whole roster of semi-horrible acts I would perform to get my paws on this very expensive, printed Givenchy—but fortunately for me, 2013 brought us countless other, less expensive sweatshirt options too.
Delicate Stacked Rings
Gobstopper-sized cocktail rings are a thing of the past thanks to the all-consuming tiny ring takeover that has occurred this year. These dainty beauties can be worn solo, or stacked one on top of another for a more styled look.
Wide-Legged Trousers
Hollywood's preoccupation with the fabulous 1970s (American Hustle, Anchorman 2) has made significant ripples in the fashion world—and yes, that means the most comfortable pants you could ever wear. Wide-legged trousers are like a maxi skirt for each of your legs; why did the trend ever leave?
Wrap Dresses
And speaking of American Hustle, we predict a major wrap dress resurgence to occur in 2014, but perhaps a bit more tasteful than Amy Adams' navel-gazing versions.
Dr. Martens
Do we have to say anything more than "Blue Ivy Carter wore these?" Well, we won't. Because she did. Dr. Martens forever!