31 Perfect December Outfits

Ah, December: the month-long celebration of red coffee cups, magical holiday lights and, of course, layers-on-layers of insulating outwear. Whether you need a full-length down parka or just a light peacoat, click through for 31 perfect December outfits, one for every day of the month (and their shoppable counterparts, too!).

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Fortunately for our closets, December has a fair amount of consistency to it. It's cold, period. But just because the temperatures at the start and end of the month remain quite similiar doesn't mean your outfits should operate under the same monotonous circumstances. Despite adding multiple layers to just about every get-up, the month rises and falls with a surprisingly natural cadence.

The first week of December gives you a serious Thanksgiving aftermath, filled with slouchy, stretchy pants and pristine hostess apparel. As the month advances, however, December's infamous party dresses come into play with a focus on all things sequined, sparkly and festive. In the meantime, the days in between promise a healthy combination of beautiful coats, puffy parkas, sleek boots and chunky sweaters.

Despite that unavoidable holiday shopping anxiety, December can be a pretty exciting month for which to dress, all with the right outlook. Just think: you have so many more items of clothing to wear at once, and that gives you more options with which to experiment! We pulled from our favorite celebs, street style stars and very own Community members to give you plenty of inspiration for all 31 days of this month. Now go get 'em, December!

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