The Six Kinds Of Coats Every Closet Needs

From bulky parkas to edgy motocycle jackets, we've compiled the six coats every woman needs in her closet to stay warm and chic during the four chilly months of winter.

HB Nam

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Digital Fashion News Writer

We'll admit that we're certainly enablers when it comes to a spontaneous purchase, be it for long-lasting investment pieces or trendy fast fashion items. When someone in the office asks whether or not they should buy a particular bag or boot, the answer is always—without fail—a wholehearted, resounding "yes."

But despite our constant affirmations when it comes to shopping, we consider ourselves fairly good critics of the basics, the no-frills pieces you need (versus want) to have in your closet. And with December in full swing, we decided to dole out some expert knowledge on outerwear—specifically, the six coats every woman needs this season.

Click through to see our six picks for the most important jackets to keep in rotation all winter, and to shop out some of our top options, too!

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